B&B Sant Pol vista platja playa beach


Sant Pol de Mar offers much in its surroundings. Very close to excellent natural parks such as Montnegre and Montseny, these are ideal places for nature lovers to enjoy walks, biking, and magnificent views. Sant Pol de Mar itself is a beach destination that also offers the best of local and renowned Mediterranean cuisine.

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B&B Sant Pol vista platja Playa Beach Entorn Entorno Surroundings


Offering the best beaches of the Maresme coast. You are 3 minute walk from the B&B to enjoy this special place on the sea.

B&B Sant Pol gastronomia Entorn Entorno Surroundings


Sant Pol offers restaurants from the traditional and homemade Mediterranean cuisine to Michelin star and specialized cuisine.

B&B Sant Pol Natura Entorn Entorno Surroundings


For nature lovers, you will find the Natural Parks of Montnegre and Montseny.

B&B Sant Pol ciclisme Entorn Entorno Surroundings


A wide variety of routes to choose from with both BTT and road bikes.

B&B Sant Pol golf Entorn Entorno Surroundings


5 minutes by car is Pitch & Putt Sant Cebrià. The Maresme offers other full golf courses as well, if interested.

B&B Sant Pol Barcelona Entorn Entorno Surroundings


A 1 hour train ride from Sant Pol to Barcelona. Connections run every 20 minutes from early in the morning to 11PM at night.

B&B Sant Pol Girona Entorn Entorno Surroundings


50 minutes north of Sant Pol is the historical city of Girona, where the Jewish tourist district and its surroundings stand out.

B&B Sant Pol Costa Brava Entorn Entorno Surroundings


30 minutes north of Sant Pol is the majestic Costa Brava. This Catalan coastline is a must visit during your stay.